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Featuring a world-class drummer and percussionist performing solo and together, Thunder Duo more than doubles its appeal by attracting two audiences – drummers and percussionists – to performances that are entertaining, educational, inspiring, and exciting. And with their extensive performance history and expertise in playing all styles – latin, funk, pop, rock, jazz, world… Kornel and Gabor are always an audience favourite.

Kornel Horvath

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Gabor Dornyei

Thunder Duo is also ideal for studio recording sessions including soundtracks, where their rhythms and colors make any music – whatever the style - sound more authentic, more moving, and more real.

So whether your interest is in entertaining an audience, recording hit records, educating students, producing stunning soundtracks, or selling musical gear, having the world of rhythms and grooves performed by two of the very best players on the planet makes Thunder Duo the perfect choice.